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 Application for Basti as a mod~

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Great User
Great User

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PostSubject: Application for Basti as a mod~   Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:13 pm

My full name is Sebastian. And as you can think by yourself: My nickname is Basti xD.

I'm 16 years old and go to the secondary modern school in germany. Soon I go to the school providing vocational education.

My native language is german. But i think i can speak english well Smile

Why should I be a moderator?
Coz I want to be one xD. Generally I like to help people and I'm good in mapping-stuff, so it's very becoming to me becoming a moderator!

What forums would I consider to be best for me to moderate?
Of course the Mapping forum xD. Well, I think the other both forums wouldn't be so hard for me, too. As long as I don't need to test-download any virusses from hackers xD

What experience with forums have I had in the past?
I was active for 1 or 2 years on otfans.de and otfans.net. But i never was a moderator there. I was a moderator on a forum called "Allrox.de/com" or anything called like that. It doesn't exist anymore Sad

Okay. Now we come to the last part of my application!
Any other info/comment

I've 1-2 years experience with mapping.
My hobbies are meeting rl friends, playing football, basketball, jumping 7-mileboots, mapping, some scripting. Well, I think this was useless for my application xD.
I love jokes xD

Something more to say? Chmmm...... I'm single and not gay!!!!

Kind Regards, Basti

Edit: Sorry, I forgot something xD I was a tutor in rl Tibia, until I got inactive and my Tutor postion resigned~
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Demon Eldorath

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PostSubject: Re: Application for Basti as a mod~   Thu May 08, 2008 7:11 pm

Tutor on real tibia is like...
O'rly? Check Tibia NG's forum and you'll find all correct answers there, and voila - YOU ARE A TUTOR.

Regards, Demon
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Application for Basti as a mod~
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