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 Application for [Fron]

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PostSubject: Application for [Fron]   Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:02 pm

Name (Real Name): Oskar
Age: 19
Native Language: Swedish

Why should you be a moderator?

I'm not going to just go with the flow and say "because I'd like to help people" even if I'd help people. I feel I want to help to start up something new, and _unique_ maybe turn it into a really good and active with lots of users someday.

By choosing me you'd get yourself a really dedicated moderator along with laughs Smile I hope atleast(mifunperson)

What forums would you consider to be best for you to moderate? (not guaranteed)

I don't think I'd like to handle some specific, I mean, can't really choose. Well I would be up for anything Smile

What experience with forums have you had in the past?

Uhm, I've had several forums, sometime ago I were the leader of a WoWguild. We were really big with members from all over the world. I did learn how to manage a forum, actually I learnt _ALOT_ even though we had roughly 400 users(?) so I mean it wasn't as big as this could be but still, I managed it pretty well.

Any other info/comment:

Well, I've got plenty, but I dont want to take it all, but basically me along with my irl brother and an irl friend of mine is working with a project called Aditra.
We'll be running a 8.1 SQL server with a pretty good computer aswell. Hoping to get to the top, that would be a big achievement for us, and me and my crew think that it's plausible.

Well, this was my application, dont hesitate to write me a PM for any question, whether it be about mapping or SQL/XML problems. Cant answer to much about coding though Smile

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Application for [Fron]
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