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 Application for Skip

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PostSubject: Application for Skip   Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:12 pm

Hello, here it my Application for a Mod

Name (Real Name): My real name is Mike
Age: I'm actually 16 but soon 17 (1 Month \o/)
Native Language: German but I think I can speak English well.

Why should you be a moderator?
Cuz I like to moderate things in forums and I like to help ppl^^

What experience with forums have you had in the past?
I'm Moderator at otfans.de and in the past I was active in some other forums which weren't related with Tibia and OT.

Any other info/comment
I have been just a Mapper for ~1 year, but I think I'm already pretty good xP The Ashandra Server is now the 2nd Server I am in the Team.

I am also a little experienced in Scripting but I'm not that good^^
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Application for Skip
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