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 application for AiR

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PostSubject: application for AiR   Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:29 pm

Name (Real Name): Stephan
Age: 14
Native Language: Dutch/English.

Why should you be a moderator?
I'm very well expreienced at OT's and modding a forum. More info below.

What experience with forums have you had in the past?
I had my own phpbb3 forum (400+ members) and I was a mod on 3 other forums (stopped because of real problems with school).

Any other info/comment
Read what i wrote to you before this section was made Wink :

My experience:
@ OT:

  • I'm the leader of the SunStrider: Empires at War! team and the main mapper.
  • I map alot!
  • I know how to map, so I can criticise there work etc...
  • I have played tibia and OT for a very long while.
@ Forums:

  • I owned my own phpbb3 forum for a very long time, with 400+ members (forum was about general stuff etc.)
  • I customized my forum, I know how to use the administrator panel very well.
  • There are 3 more forum's I was moderator on. (stopped because of real live problems (with school).
  • I know all the rules/terms on a forum; flaming, spamming, bumping, trolling etc.
  • I don't punish people if they don't break the rules or anything, but if they do, I will be merciless!
  • I'm very active!

So why should you make me a mod?

  • I know what I'm doing.
  • I'm very well experienced in OT and Modding a forum.
  • I'm very active.

I have not failed... I've just another 10.000 ways that won't work...
If you can't amaze people with your intelligence, confuse them with your bullshit.
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application for AiR
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