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 UPDATED! 5 may, v1.0.4a. Editor download! (Linux Binary available) by Remere

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PostSubject: UPDATED! 5 may, v1.0.4a. Editor download! (Linux Binary available) by Remere   Fri May 16, 2008 4:45 pm

As the other thread is kinda outdated:
Editor has been updated to version 1.0.4a. Scroll down for a list of changes.

Linux version is now available thanks to Jiddo! Everybody say Hi to him! Very Happy

The map will be loaded in it's original format, if you want to change
version, go to map properties and change client version from 8.0 to 8.1.

It is highly recommended to uninstall any previous versions before installing a new one!

Download link: http://sourceforge.net/project/platf...roup_id=212916

Remember to join our social group: Remere's Map Editor Users

If you want to link from another forum, please link to sourceforge
since A ) It will contain a more up-to-date version and B ) I like
watching the download counter go up.

Credits goes to Jiddo, for being my faithful tester since the very,
very first version. Heliton for making the wonderful icons, and, in no
special order, Silent Reaper, GriZzm0, Asprate, LooSiK, nfries88 and
more for helping me find bugs. Oh, and to me! For coding it all!

Change Log


  • Installer now checks if .NET 2.0 is installed.
  • Unicode support. Should now work under Ubuntu "out of the box" (wxWidgets Unicode is standard AFAIK)
  • Added a Recent files menu.
  • You can now search for items using CTRL+F (Show Spawns moved to S)
  • You can now list unique items, items with action IDs and containers containing items using Edit->Find Unique.
  • You can now search for any brush using the Jump to Item menu, you can switch between searching for brushes/items using CTRL+J
  • Improvements to all dialogs, they should now have more appropriate sizes.
Bug fixes:

  • Editor no longer incorrectly treats files as "pre 7.6"
  • Brushes now render correctly when "Show Only Colors" is enabled
  • Eraser is now visible when using a circular brush
  • Minimap checkbox now reflects whether the minimap is displayed or not
  • Town IDs now start at 1
  • Rune charges are now saved
  • Items no longer display in "Others" if they're present in another category
  • Copy & Cut now handles spawns/creatures
  • You can now set the data directory to point to another directory (mainly useful for debugging)
  • Rerandomizing the entire map should no longer reset stairs etc.
  • Creature palette is now sorted by name.
  • Creature palette should now update correctly when importing monsters and NPCs.


  • Installer now available for windows
  • Dockable windows added
  • Window size and layout is saved between sessions
  • Bug with spawns not loading when on another volume than the working directory fixed
  • Improvments to materials, including some user-made extensions.
  • Special items (459, 460) are now hidden when taking screenshots
  • House exits are hidden when "show houses" is unchecked
  • Top order now works correctly for items (items display in-editor as ingame)
  • RAW brushes now works like in SimOne's editor (doesn't allow more
    than 1 item with toporder 2 on a tile), can be configured in settings
  • Fixed bug with minimap colors (when exporting)
  • Optmizations to map saving, should be up to 5 times faster!
  • Fixed crash bugs with not having a version loaded.
  • Wall items are now placed in the proper order on a tile (Mainly relevant to trails, which will now be ABOVE rocks)
  • Fixed some strange options in dialogs & reduced the amount of errors when not loading any version.
  • Configuration file can now be stored locally instead of in the
    registry under Windows. Create an empty rme.cfg file in the
    installation directory and the editor will save settings there from
    then on.


  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Minimap window added
  • "Randomize map" & "Randomize selection" no longer removes aid/uid
  • If a creature is outside the spawn radius when loaded, a new spawn will be created
  • Editor now supports both 8.1 & 8.0, you can switch using the Map Properties menu
  • You can now switch the function of the center and right mouse buttons
  • Improvements to materials, added jungle doodads, included some of Dark Master's & Devil Boy's extensions...
  • Added an "untouchable" classification for walls, these will not be re-randomized
  • When removing a door the tile below will now be "wallized".
  • "Others" and "NPCs" tilesets will now always display
  • Item 459 & 460 renders correctly now.
  • Fixed a crashbug with "Select Creature"
  • The House Palette sizebar now works correctly.
  • Most doodad brushes will now not place themselves on one tile two
    times, you can overrule this behaviour by holding down ALT or change
    on_duplicate in the materials file
  • You can now "replace draw" with ground brushes, hold down ALT and
    drag, you will only replace tiles of the same type as the one you
    started drawing on.

  • Stackables are now placed with default count 1, not 255
  • You can no longer give runes more than 250 charges
  • Less warnings when loading 8.1 files
  • Editor does not crash when extension directory is unavailable
  • Source updated to work with x64 (Thanks mips_act)


  • Materials Extensions are now available!
  • New file structure
  • You can inverse mouse movement in the settings menu
  • You can now change brushsize using ALT+mousewheel or '[' and ']'
  • Alternate keyboard shortcuts for some stuff
  • A floor menu
  • Editor will now create screenshot directory if it doesn't exist
  • Improvments to load bar
  • You can now rotate items using the right-click menu.
  • Editor will now properly warn for non-8.0 .dat/.spr
  • Brushes that are not in the palette will no longer display as choices when right clicking
  • README & COPYING are now .txt files so they're easier to read
  • Jump to item will now scroll to the selected item (Credits to SimOne Smile
  • Cleaned up materials loading code
  • Turning on/off autobordering is now only A, not CTRL+A
  • Better about dialog
  • The OK button in the "Jump to item" dialog now actually works
  • Screenshot directory is now created if it doesn't exist
  • The editor will no longer save incorrect -spawn & -house files for newly-created maps
  • Better display of warnings from the materials file
  • Jump to item now doesn't just end up in the creature palette
  • Brushes that are not displayed in the palette are no longer available as options when right-clicking
  • The editor will no longer ask about saving automaticly created maps
All credits go to Remere
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UPDATED! 5 may, v1.0.4a. Editor download! (Linux Binary available) by Remere
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