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 [Mapeditor] OTMapEditor 0.5.1 - 8.10 - Updated 20 Feb

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PostSubject: [Mapeditor] OTMapEditor 0.5.1 - 8.10 - Updated 20 Feb   Sat Apr 05, 2008 2:14 am

Latest version (0.51)

Template to upgrade to 8.1:

Previous version (0.5)

Previous Tibia client (8.00):

DLLS (Mapeditor DLLs when running in Wine (Linux)
ultrashare.net b547646552/

OTMapEditor 0.51
* Added nologout/nopvp/pvpzone support
* Updated the icon (Thanks Heliton)
* Fixed a bug were some items where not shown in the item list.

OTMapEditor 0.5
* Updated to 8.1 format
* Removed all deprecated items from the material window

OTMapEditor 0.4.78 experimental - make backups of the map before use
* Experimental release with auto-borders
* Updated the creatures.xml and materials.xml (thanks Rudixx)
* Added enable/disable auto-border function (Edit->Auto borders), you can temporarly enable auto-borders if you hold down Ctrl while drawing.
* Made the focus-rectangle stand out a bit to make it easier to see if auto-border is enabled.
* Increased the layer number for grass borders
* Fixed a bug with remaped types wouldnt have the same layer number as its remaped type

OTMapEditor 0.4.59 - 8.00
* Should now work with windows vista x64
* Rebuilt with static MFC (larger filesize, less dlls)
* Changed some settings so that you dont need to have framework .net 2.0 to run

OTMapEditor 0.4.58 - 8.00
* Updated sources to compile with visual studio 2005
* Added a crash report function, if you get a report generated please send it to me so I can fix the crash (Especially that crash bug with windows vista x64...)
* Updated to 8.0

OTMapEditor 0.4.55 - 7.92
* Bug fixes

OTMapEditor 0.4.54 - 7.92
* template function now works on all items not just ground items
* added a window to show unique and action ids (double click on an item to jump to that location)
* updated to map editor to read the items.otb and items.xml format

OTMapEditor 0.4.52 - 7.9
* added a export housetiles
* added support for addons - set in creatures.xml
* creatures with a template sprite will be drawned with correct shading

OTMapEditor 0.4.50 - 7.8
* Updated to 7.8 and fixed a problem with splashes/liquid containers not showing the correct colors

OTMapEditor - 7.6
* Adding items into containers implemented (make backup of the map to see if your server can handle this correctly!)
* Export minimap

How to use: View->Windows->Minimap, Press Ctrl+F5 and a Save dialog will appear. There is also Ctrl+F6 that will export all floors (0->15)

OTMapEditor - 7.6

0.4.488b build 5 (experimental)
* Ground item can now have action/unique ids

0.4.488b build 4 (experimental)
* Shows a warning if a monster/npc could not be found in the creatures.xml
* Removed the Move Tool, its now integrated directly in the Selection Tool, just start dragging the selection to move/copy (hold down ctrl before releasing to copy)
* Drag and drop improved

0.4.488b build 2 (experimental)
* Npc loading/saving added
* Experimental multiple-material windows (im thinking how this could be improved, perhaps make them more specialized so you can add a group with boat items that is only shown in the extra-material windows...)
* show only active floor option
* bug fixes

* auto-house-door ids
* bug fixes

* added a minimap
* house-maker added
* xml saving saving speed increased by 300%
* added better error messages when failing to load a map
* bug fixes

* fixed splash/fluid containers not showing the correct color

* bug fixes (if you use 0.4.478 = upgrade)

* Added town properties
* Larger eraser sizes
1x1 eraser: Removes only the top item (one at the time), except ground tiles, to remove the tile in 1x1 eraser (all items at the same time) hold down CTRL.
larger erasers: Removes all items, if you want those to work as the 1x1 eraser (remove all top item, except ground) hold down SHIFT.

* possible to set text to readable items.

* Added template option
To convert 7.x borders to 7.6 borders File->Load template... then select template.otb, then open your map and the template will replace old borders with the new graphics (make a copy of your map before just incase)

* Added a import function
To load other maps without unloading the previous maps, like a merge feature, Example: player1 makes a mainland in the middle of the map, player2 says he has made a cool island, player1 loads up his map (File->Open...) then choose File->Import... selects player2 map to insert the island to his map.

* updated to 7.6
* Fixed some bugs with always on top order layer

Remember to always make backups of your map before trying new versions
Always use the newest OTB file, which can be found on the SVN.

Old versions can be found here: http://hem.bredband.net/johannesrosen/old-releases/

By SimOne
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PostSubject: Re: [Mapeditor] OTMapEditor 0.5.1 - 8.10 - Updated 20 Feb   Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:12 pm

I prefer RME for all except the detailing part. But sure, sweet Smile

Thanks Smile

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[Mapeditor] OTMapEditor 0.5.1 - 8.10 - Updated 20 Feb
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