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 OpenTibia server [8.41] own edited.

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PostSubject: OpenTibia server [8.41] own edited.   Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:58 pm

I've created my own version of the newest OpenTibia server for client 8.41.

Quote :
Add 8.41 protocol changes. [ Done ]
Add 8.41 gameplay changes.
Add lua functions for adding/checking/removing blessings.


Add more command line arguments [ Done ]
Allow storing the map in binary format in the database. [ Done ]
Work on data folder!
Add setPlayer*Rate lua functions.
Assigned to: rafaelhamdan


Add a Database maintenance tool [Done]
Add/Finish 8.40 support
Protocol Changes [Done]
New gameplay features [Done]
Spells/Party buffs [Done]

But now have I made some changes both in the distro and bistro.
Distributions changes:
Bless are working perfectly like they should do at the 8.41 version.
Re added some functions since some of they where creating debugs and crashes.

Bistro changes:
Fixed ALL the .xml files since lots of them where fucked and almost impossible to read when you where opening them in note pad.
Fixed some of the monsters behavior more realistic combined with the global tibia.
Added some actions functions that where missing.
Changed some of the spells for a more realistic result when using them.

The server is almost run able when you're downloading the OT so give it a try!
[More updates will be added. Please posts known bugs or wishes what you like I should add.]
Going to add a better custom map in the future, pictures will be given in a couple of days.. please be patient.

Download here.
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OpenTibia server [8.41] own edited.
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