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 This is it!!!

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PostSubject: This is it!!!   Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:57 pm

It's true you all!
Today is the day!!
First of all, I'd like to explain some rules and features here.

-Picture Album
Yes, that's true. All users will have access to create they'r very own galleries.
Each album can hold up to 100 pictures, with no album limits.
I don't even have to say that pr0n and other messed up stuff will be deleted and the user that posts that will have a 1 week IP ban, so don't even try it.
Still in this matter, the 5 newest pictures will be shown in the forum home, at the bottom of the page.

Another nice feature. This chatbox works different from the current one. You no longer have to login/logout and you won't get kicked for being idle. Plus, it will follow you in every part of the forum except when you are posting/editing a thread/post.
Soon the chatbox will hold different channels. You can also send private messages inside it.

Yeah, we got one. And I have to say this, it's damn cool. You can create tournaments, have trophies, ranks and the best part, new games almost every day!
But, and this will make you guys flame me, it's only for Staff members and Donators/V.I.P.

Besides the postcount, users now will have levels and awards.
These levels will be based on online time, post count, thread count, attachments, threads visited, etc. All in all, it will fully measure a members activity.
You can see a users level inside the member page, or when you post a message. It will be shown under the postcount.
Inside the member profile you can see the experience bars and have access to the rankings.

-New Boards
We got new boards over there. Including LUA section and the so loved, Chit Chat. And a 'Test' section too.

-Posting Rules
Now, when you are posting a Application or a Introduction, for example, you'll have to use one of the default prefixes. If not, you will not be able to create the thread.
To use the prefixes, simply look at the dropdown menu that shows up beside the Thread Name.

I guess these are the new things so far. I'm sure I've forgotten about something, but eventually you'll see it there.
I really want to ask you guys to report ANY bugs and forum weekness, depending on this report, you might gain a V.I.P status for some time.

ps: As promissed, Mackan will have V.I.P status for 3 months since he was the one that gave both the domain name idea and the slogan idea.
Soon we will have contests about logo and maybe layout. Prizes will be given to the winners too.

ps2: I'll leave this forum opened until JUNE 21, 3 weeks from now.
So you got until then to move your threads and whatever you might like.
DON'T move other members threads unless you are asked to or he gives you full authorization.

Once you create your accounts, I'll upgrade you and I'd like you guys started to search for bugs and mistakes. Btw, we will soon need some Managers, so applications forum shall be constantly read.


C ya all!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: This is it!!!   Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:15 am


Seriously, I can't connect...
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This is it!!!
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