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 [Win] zTracker v2.5

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PostSubject: [Win] zTracker v2.5   Sat May 24, 2008 2:58 pm

This maptracker is created by zionz. All Credits go to him.
Thread created by him can be found here.


Tracked area with spawns:

Download link:

Save/Load project:the the map is stored as its read from memory, you have to export the map to .otx, this way the data is not modified, so tracked maps can be exported using diferent item definitions or have bugs fixed without having to re-track.

Scan All floors:All the visible floors will be tracked.

Ignore movable items:This will ignore any kind of item that you can move, most of this items are garbage so this helps to get a cleaner map.

Save monster spawns:this feature is still beta, it works by saving the monsters when first seen, the monsters ids are stored so it wont repeat the same monster (up to 10000) but keep in mind if a monster dies and respawn then the ID change and you will repeat the spawn, also this generates a single spawn for each monster, im not sure if this could affect OTs so i may improve this later.

Export global coords: The generated OTX map and spawns will use the real tibia coords.

spawn_times.txt file: You can edit this simple text file to set the spawn times of the monsters, the format is simple, you first write the monster name, and in the next line the spawn time (in seconds), please note that this is case sensitive, this means for example that "Dragon" is not the same as "DRAGON". Do not let blank lines.

Make sure you are using a 8.1 mapeditor (im using OTMapEditor 0.5.0 by SimOne), with the lastest items.otb file (get this from the OT proj at SF), also make sure that you are using the 8.1 version of Tibia.spr/dat.

Please report if you find any bug![/QUOTE]

Download Link:

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PostSubject: Re: [Win] zTracker v2.5   Sat May 24, 2008 3:53 pm

We're helping people to LEARN about mapping, and grow. Why would we need this?

I think we're on the correct way to our goal... without this.



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[Win] zTracker v2.5
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