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 TFS Raid Maker

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PostSubject: TFS Raid Maker   Sat May 24, 2008 2:54 pm

Decided to quit production on Citrus Raid and work on a Raid Maker that's completely for TFS, and any other server that shares the same raid system.

Download the newest release here: TFS Raid Maker V1.0.0


  • Add multple single spawns
  • Add multiple area spawns
  • Add multiple announcements
  • When saving Raids.xml is auto-edited unless it doesn't exist, which then it is created
  • Connect to your Tibia client for quick single spawn adding
  • Connect to SimOne Map Editor v5.1 for quick single spawn adding
  • Connect to Remere Map Editor v1.0.3a for quick single spawn adding
  • Message bar, on right side of program, to help with using a feature

If you find any bugs, errors, typos, etc. Please reply here so I can fix them.

Jo3Bingham from otlands
original thread: http://otland.net/showthread.php?p=59649#post59649

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TFS Raid Maker
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