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 Teaser I

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Heer Karel
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PostSubject: Teaser I   Fri May 16, 2008 12:08 pm

llow me some of your time to show you the first teaser of the new OT The Ancient World. Allthough the staff request has been posted only a few days ago, I've mapped enough to create a whole teaser, which contains Muazia (rookgard), 2 main cities: Calosia and Daroi, and the city of Atlantis. The server is still under construction and a lot has to be done.
Now, let's get to the point, the screenshots.

When you start your adventure, you will come in the holy temple of Muazia, the beginners island, you'd better explore it carefully, who knows how many missions are hidden at this island.

Underneath the great library of Muazia is a small cave, it contains a rat, be careful, who knows which evil monsters are waiting for something to kill

I was talking about missions before eh? Well, who knows if you can help the witch who lives in this tower. Let's take a look.

Well, I've talked to her and she told me to get a herb in the dangerous swamps, but it seemed it's not dangerous, maybe the snakes are scared?

Well, I was level 8, and the oracle told me to go to main. And here I am, in the city of Calosia, it's small, but it is an important city.

I've found a local paladin shop, who knows which great items they sell here.

The city of Calosia might be small, but it has some really nice houses!

Outside the city are some hungry wolves

Woops, i ran straight into a cyclops cave! ~runs~

With the boat i came in the desert city Daroi, the capital of the land Lha'Mehl. Let's explore it.

The beautiful temple in the shape of a pyramid.

The flats in Daroi got a weird structure, but the houses are nice.

The famous shoppingcentre of Daroi, they sell loads of items here.
now i'm going to the city Atlantis

Standing in front of the depot in Atlantis, it's beautiful here.

If you leave the great city, you will have to go through this immense gate, I guess you will be safe behind the walls.
I hope you like it as much as I do.
Thanks for reading our first teaser, we hope you to see you reading the next teasers to, and maybe welcome you to our server when it's up Very Happy
Heer Karel
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Teaser I
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