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 City; Dra'Kheel

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Heer Karel
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PostSubject: City; Dra'Kheel   Fri May 16, 2008 12:06 pm

I'll show you the city of Dra'Kheel, though it sounds as a name for a desert city, it's just a normal grassland city. I really love the outcome of it, and I hope you do as well.

I'm eating my melon in the fruit bar, which is located underground. It's really cool here, and the fruit remains fresh much longer.

I'm visiting the grave of the holy St. Muazia, who also found Muazia (rookgard).

The pit, every criminal who killed somebody was thrown into this pit, nobody ever came out again.

The magic shop, the shopkeeper creates the potions himself.

An old beggar house in one of the 2 sub-urbs in the city.

The grand park, here you can hang out with your friends. Or you go here with your love.

Standing in front of the temple (yes, it looks a bit as thais)

Dra'Kheel is known because of its many nationalties. There are also some nomads who live here, they get their money by trading strange items.

The furniture shop, which is located in a flat.

The entrance of the depot, with some statues on the roof.

Inside the depot, which is located underground.

The ammo shop, which is named "Keep them at a distance", and some random houses.

A three floor guildhall.

"The Wounded Fox", a lovely pub if you want to drink something after a long hunt and go to a warm bed.

The local food shop. All the food comes from the farms around the city.

I hoped you liked the city of Dra'Kheel!
Heer Karel
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City; Dra'Kheel
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