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 Teaser II

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PostSubject: Teaser II   Fri May 16, 2008 12:04 pm

Well, hello again.
It's time for our second teaser. I announced some weeks ago it would come soon, and now it's time for it.
First I would like to tell a bit how the progress is going. The map is doing quite OK, and we expect it to be finished (well, everything that needs to be finished for the opening) somewhere in august. The scripting however is not really going fast, which is kinda hard for us mappers, (we don't know a lot about scripting) to get everything working.
Although that doesn't stop us, and here's our second teaser!

I'm standing here in the largest city of Wothalin, Dra'Kheel. The king has his castle here.

The poor half of the city of Jorev. People say it's a really rich city, but with that, they probably meant only the half.

In the library of Jorev, which is the biggest in the world, you can read books about various adventurers.

A guildhall in shape of a castle in Jorev.

I visited the djinns to learn more about the land and its history.

Visiting my great friend Pete the fisherman.

While exploring a swamp cave, I ran into some slimes!

The great docks in Atlantis, they are build inside the wall and protected with immense gates.

A 'Lord of the Rings' fan would say 'Moria!', which is true, this cave is based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Moria. (Yes,I'm aware of the fact that there is no earth yet).

This was our second teaser, I hope you enjoyed it.
Also, I would like you to give the first lines of our genesis:

Quote :

It was a chilly night, nobody was out in the streets but a young boy named Simon. He was walking through the streets of Calosia. He looked up to the sky and saw a dark cloud, suddenly it started to rain, the rain was so cold that when it hit the ground, it immediately froze to ice. Simon felt the chilly raindrops hitting his bare feet, he didnít know what was going to happen. He walked to the eastern gate, when he saw a dark mass moving around over the land around Calosia. He only saw it moving, but he didnít hear any sound of activity around the city. It was still raining. Simon thought that the rain was the reason why he didnít hear a thing. Maybe there was an evil army outside? Or is he just hallucinating? Simon didnít know it himself, but he was scared, so scared that he didnít dare to move. As he kept watching the dark mass, he saw it wasnít on its way to Calosia, but moving away from it. He thought it was the Royal Calosian Army, also known as the RCA. He followed it, maybe an other city on Wothalin was in danger? If that was the reality, he wanted to help. At the gate he saw the guards sitting in the guard house, they were drunk, as they always were. How could they warn a sleeping city when they were drunk? Simon wondered.
He didnít know what the wilderness around Calosia looked like, since he had hardly ever been outside the city. He was so scared that he actually wanted to go back to his house in the centre of the city, and read a book about heroes in the library. But he didn't know he is in a heroic story himself!
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Teaser II
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