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 About TAWOT

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Heer Karel
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PostSubject: About TAWOT   Fri May 16, 2008 11:57 am

TAWOT is an OT project founded in november 2007 by Mindstorm. With the intention to create The Ancient World (short TAW). The Ancient World (which is the time of the Greeks and the Romans, 2000bC-250aC).

We will get the Ancient city of Atlantis, which has been a mystery for ages. Also there'll be other stories included, but I won't tell you that.

Atlantis, a
great city surrounded by water. It’s a heavily fortified city surrounded by
many dangers. Only the bravest warriors among us would dare to even think about
going to this place. The city itself belongs to a race called the Ancients. The
Ancients are a peaceful race with great knowledge. In the years they started
building they’re great city they tried to keep it a secret, and because of the
many dangerous creatures living in the outer rings of the city this wasn’t to
much of a problem.

Many of the
Ancients where bright scientists and dedicated most of they’re life researching
new technology. However there also was a group of scientist whom did not believe
in the so called “Code of the Ancients”. This group build a secret laboratory
deep beneath the city, and experienced with a new mean of power generation. The
experiment failed and a dark creature was summoned to this world. Many of the
scientist working on the project where never to be found again.

Teams of
the best soldiers and mages were sent into the depths, equipped with the best
possible equipment. After many days they reported back to inform the people at
the city they were getting close to “something”. Several hours after this
report all contact was lost…

the Ancients decided it was time to find new heroes, but with the small
population of Atlantis they needed to be found elsewhere. The only possible
solution was calling to the people of the mainland. Because they did not intend
to reveal the city to everyone they decided to send out a group of five people
onto the mainland. Arriving at the mainland the group began to spread out the
word among the people, and hoped to find a hero which could defeat their
greatest enemy ever.

After only
a couple of days one of them found someone whom believed in the sayings of this
city called Atlantis. However when they did send him to the City itself the so
called hero seemed to be a thief whom was just after the secrets of the city.
The person was placed in a holding cell and the Ancients partly needed to think
of a way to prevent this from happening again. They decided that the heroes whom wanted to go
to the city needed to prove themselves to be worthy of entering it. The group
of five people spread over the land to different locations, and every person
wanting to go to the city of Atlantis
would first need approval from all of

The first
person of the group, a noble warrior, went to a city in the south-west of the
mainland. Arriving at this city he found it to be under siege of a group of
creatures. He fought his way through the creatures trying to save as many lives
as possible. Reaching the centre of the city the Ancient warrior found the king
of the city, together they fought the
group of creatures side by side. At the end of the fight the king, with all his
wounds, was barely alive. With his last breath he handed the Ancient warrior
his crown, apparently he was impressed by the way this stranger fought. Now as
king of this town the Ancient warrior decided to stay, and help out the
villagers in the town. As time passed by many battles were fought with the
creatures that kept attacking, but with him as they’re leader the town always
were at the winning end.

The second
person of the group, a person with great knowledge of chemicals, went north. He
walked far, until he reached mountains. He decided this would be a good place
for him to stay since the mountain grew various herbs he could use. He settled
in a cave and continued his potion research which he was working on when he had
to leave Atlantis. In time people passed by his little laboratory inside the
cave. Most of these people he told the story of Atlantis, but only few believed
him. Only fewer thought they should meet up the requirements of “becoming
worthy” to him.

The third person,
a trader, went to the east. He entered a large jungle with much wild growth. He
went deeper and deeper inside the jungle. Finally at one point the traveller
came to a small abandoned outpost. He decided that this would be a good place
to stay, since only the greatest heroes would dare to pas trough a place like
this. A couple days later the trader met a person passing through, he told the
Ancient trader that he was looking for a special item inside the jungle. The
Ancient trader gave that person his blessings, and that person left to go even
deeper inside the jungle. The Ancient trader never saw this traveller again.

The fourth
person, a blacksmith, went to the west. After days of walking he came at the
outer edge of a dessert, he decided to enter this desert. Just when he was
beginning to ran out of water he found the runes of what seemed to be a
training ground. He settled there and started rebuilding the training ground,
as he thought that this would be a great place to test a hero of his skills he
possessed. In his spare time he continued the work on his finest master piece
ever made.

The fifth
person and last person of the group, an astrophysicist, went to the southeast. He
encountered a city with elves. The elves, knowing the Ancients from a very long
time ago, offered him a place to stay. The Ancient got a small, but beautiful
place to live. This person also dedicated his time to think of a way to test
heroes that would pas by from time to time.

As time
passed by, many tried to prove themselves worthy of accessing the city of Atlantis, but only few
managed to gain the trust of even one of the five Ancients on the mainland.

In one year
time not a single hero went to Atlantis, but then people heard of a new person
entering the land. This person was seen as a hero by many. Maybe this person is
the one the Ancients are looking for….

Are you
this hero?


That is just how to get into the Ancient City, in the city itself you'll find magnificient buildings, great items, and newest spells (as I came up with yesterday, expelliarmus from, yes, Harry Potter).

Any more info will be added later!
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Heer Karel
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PostSubject: Re: About TAWOT   Mon May 26, 2008 2:40 pm

Alright, you heard the main story now, let's continue to Muazia, or rookgard, where we got a special system (everything's copyrighted, if you steal it, I'll personally get your neck broken Smile)

Every person in rookguard will start with "no vocation".

You can leave rooguard by two boats. Leaving with these boats will mean
that you choose your vocation. There will most probably be NO
level limit to leave rookguard. However, when you want to leave
rookguard you need to do a couple of quests, and it's just not possible
to do these at level 1. When leaving rookguard the HP/MP of ALL players
will be set to the same level!
Yes you read MP, in rookguard it will be possible for Sorcs(/druids) to
learn spells like "find person", "create food" and "small light".

When a player first enters rookguard, a NPC will be there greeting
him, and asking if he/she wants an explanation about rookguard. Upon
agreeing he will tell a little story about rookguard and the so called
"factions". (I'm not really sure if we are going to call them factions
but I will for now).

A player can join a single faction. There will be four factions.
(same amount as vocation). If a player would be in the "knight" faction
and leave rookguard he will become a knight.

So in the server settings there will be 12 vocations.

0: No vocation

1: Knight trainee

2: Pally trainee

3: Druid trainee

4: Sorc trainee

5: Knight

9: Elite Knight

The names will not be like above. All vocations will probably have different names.

If a player has joined a faction, he can always go to another faction if he wants.

Once a player has joined a faction he can start a training in this
faction. First a NPC will tell them what this is about, and give them
explanation about what to do. Every task will be rewarded with
experience points. When a player gets a task he will also receive a
scroll/letter with the task written into it. Depending on his chosen
faction the training will be as following:

Knight Trainee:

A knight trainee will have to craft his own sword. This will be a
standard sword which is not very strong. if 5 would be the strongest
blade in rookguard this blade will be 3. To create this sword the
trainee will have to search for iron pieces. To get these iron peaces
he will need a pick, then with this pick he can smash some rocks and he
will get iron pieces. (the NPC will point the player to the rocks and
they won’t be very far from the knight trainee faction.

Then the player will need to put one (or more) iron pieces in a
fire, use a hammer on them, and then water. That was the first task of
a knight trainee.
After this task he will need to kill some small monsters, like spiders,
rats and level up to level 3 (he will probably be level 2 because of
the XP rewarded for creating a sword).

When the player has done this the headmaster of the faction will
say that he is ready to go into the field, and then the headmaster will
say something like:

'Go and prove yourself towards this town, help out people as much
as you can, do tasks for people etc etc. If you think you have proven
that you are a worthy member of this faction come back and I will give
you your final task.'

Then the player will need to do a couple of tasks. He can do these
by asking NPCS in town if they have a task for him. The main trigger
word will be task or mission or something similar. Most of these tasks
will be similar for all vocations (kill this, find that, find him).
Maybe some of these tasks will be vocation depending. For example the
kill mission only for knight, or that a druid can solve it in a
different way.

When the knight has done like five (or more/less) smaller missions he
can go back to his faction. The head master will then give him his
final quest. The knight will most probable have to rescue a little kid
from some hard animal.

The Paladin vocation:

The paladin trainee will get some explanation about how to create a
bow. He will then have to find a piece of wood, and a rope. EVERY
paladin will always be able to create a bow with a rope and a piece of
wood. Before being able to do this he will have to read a book in the
library of the paladin faction. The book will say something like.
“Crafting a Bow for Beginners: If you would like to create a bow, first
you must find a piece of wood and a rope. Use the rope 5 times on
itself to tie a couple of knots. Then use the rope twice on the piece
of wood and your bow will be finished.”.

After creating the bow the paladin will have to practice in a
Range. A range will be build at the paladin faction. It will consist of
2 shooting ranges, one with a static item, one with a moving one. These
items will be creature scripts which can’t attack. After having shot
these targets the paladin may go out in the field and do the 5 quests.
The main quests for the paladin will be to retrieve a crossbow from
some mountain (or somewhere else). I was planning on creating a
stronger spider, or a easy and slow giant spider to kill there before
he can reach the crossbow.

The druid:

The druid faction will start with how to create a bomb/explosive.
With some herbs and I don’t know how he will be able to create a fluid
which is an explosive. (sort of like a rune but it looks like a fluid).
After learning this he will learn how to create healing fluids. After
this some spell mastering. Then the 5 quests. The main mission will be
to find a special herb (on top of the mountain?) and he will have to
kill POISION some creature. So using a special fluid on a creature,
which will kill the creature.

The sorc

The sorc will be similar to the druid. But instead of explosives he
will learn spells like small magic missile, and some other small
spells. After knowing how to make, and use these spells he will have to
do the 5 quests in town. The main quest will be to find a magic orb,
and of course kill some creature which stands in front of the orb.

So this is mainly the idea of Rookguard. If you have questions ask them.
Heer Karel

You search for a long time, and after a few months of searching you found it: 'You have found your life'!
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PostSubject: Re: About TAWOT   Mon May 26, 2008 2:43 pm

Dude, thats a pritty story!!
I really like it!

I have not failed... I've just another 10.000 ways that won't work...
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PostSubject: Re: About TAWOT   Mon May 26, 2008 3:16 pm

I'll read it when the server goes online ;/
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Heer Karel
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PostSubject: Re: About TAWOT   Mon May 26, 2008 3:20 pm

or read it now and pg when server goes online?

You search for a long time, and after a few months of searching you found it: 'You have found your life'!
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Heer Karel
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Number of posts : 293
Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: About TAWOT   Mon May 26, 2008 3:21 pm

commenting story now will be in 'TAWOT comments'

You search for a long time, and after a few months of searching you found it: 'You have found your life'!
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PostSubject: Re: About TAWOT   

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